Monday, February 6, 2012

First mural painting

This is the first mural painting for a private home. It took just a week but the freedom 
of the whole wall and painting in a different medium was both exciting and a challenge.
It reminded me of when I used to work on large charcoals that I tacked across my wall-
the freedom was an enjoyable aspect of the creation. The difference between working
on my own painting across the wall and in someone's home is the discipline that creating
a painting for someone else entails. The editing process was much longer as well as
the client had the freedom to adjust the image to how they envisioned.

I was glad to be able to do passionvines as I have painted many passionvines and have
actually collected several species that I have raised. This particular painting is of the Passiflora
Violacia which is a plant I had bought on the internet. The pot was created from different options
that the client preferred.

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