Sunday, May 31, 2015

What's been happening?

I have been very quiet lately-I have been working hard on the website content, learning more options and processes in Wordpress as well as learning more about the processes of flash and social media. A very busy time and an intense creative block as well.
Nasturtium plants

First off I have sold the intro picture on my website-"the shrike." I sold it to a close friend and am getting more exposure in the most unexpected avenues. Besides all of the creative avenues all directly related to nature I have another passion-nature itself. I have been perfecting a wildlife garden. I have bought several plants online and I am excited to say that wildlife is finding my garden.

The other day I went to North Haven Gardens. I was looking for Aristolochia plants-(Dutchman' Pipe) to feed the pipe vine swallowtails that were devouring the ones I have. I met with someone that talked with me about their plants and butterfly gardening and in passing I mentioned I am an artist and photographer. She asked me if I knew they had a gallery.

Dutchman's Pipe plants-last years batch, now devoured
Upon discovering their very large gallery I was very impressed with the atmosphere and its modern feel. I was invited to show my work. I want to announce that early in July I will have a showing with many other local artists, photographers and ceramic artisans. I am very excited to be able to also introduce specialty pots with flowers and birds.

Another exciting project I am working on is small canvases with birds and flowers that I plan on showing at the gallery. I am also in the process of my next series which is getting back to the more detailed simpler aspects of water and landscape painting. I will be photographing the garden and introducing new paintings in the near future so please stay tuned.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The sadness, elation and rapture of creativity

The other side of a creative block is like coming up for breath after not realizing you’ve been holding your breath for weeks. It’s the sudden feeling of being able to see beyond obvious detail, beyond what is mundane and ordinary.

It’s like a veil lifting off of the eyes and suddenly you can see colors and values more brilliantly. Today I picked up paintings that have sat unfinished for months and suddenly as if the composition reveals itself like a puzzle giving up its secrets.

After this state of elation and excitement where everything seems possible, there is a sudden rush of ideas. Words are written, more sketches are made, all in memory, underpaintings seem clear and concise with a glimpse of what will soon be a finished work.

And than just as sudden as it begins, the overwhelming state of details as every stroke competes to be next. This is why I tend to work on many paintings at once because if one blacks outs with too much detail I can start or get involved in another. It’s like chasing the last bit of sun in a sunset as the colors lose details as the darkness overwhelms the landscape.

Surprise and elation are quickly replaced with that familiar feeling of doubt, as if any of the creative explosion meant anything or accomplished anything at all.

After this amazing state is the feeling of leaving that moment. It’s like leaving an old friend after missing their company so much it hurts. This is the feeling the creative thrives on, why some go mad, why some struggle with addiction and depression.

There is no greater place or feeling than that moment when creation seems to make sense. One small glimpse at an amazing and cruel gift, we as artists are lucky to borrow even if for just a short time.