Thursday, February 28, 2013

I've had a few days of break from painting and the problem with this is that I either come back into the series really strong or completely feeling like I'm working with someone else's vision. I have had some blank spots where I don't have any idea of what to paint never mind how to get into the process and be able to see in a somewhat subconscious state. This is the reason why I have had so many paintings waiting to be completed-years of these mental blocks.

Another aspect is switching gears between designing for clients and getting to your own vision is the fact that between work and home there is no break to allow for that change of thought and priority. Tonight was surprisingly productive, even if it doesn't really feel like it now. I am working on a waterfall scene of Turner Falls Oklahoma and in the middle of the process I felt like I was getting too thick with paint and losing my clarity of water but tonight I was able to freshen the image and just about complete the painting. Something I struggle with a problem of jumping into the immediate inspiration and knowing exactly what needs to be done but the peripheral image sometimes falls short and I  think that is what holds up finishing a painting.

One great thing I learned from teaching painting is with some discipline and ignoring the hesitation and overwhelming state of details, you can get through a block and continue to paint. I feel the reason I have been able to finish so many recent paintings is because of the discipline I learned through having a student and a certain amount of time to paint whether I was in the mood or felt overwhelmed I had to continue and work through the block.

So my question to other artists-what are your obstacles in the creative process and if you work through them are you able to continue painting? Do you have a problem working between your own stuff and commissions or freelance work? How do you get past mental blocks when it comes to creativity?
Thanks for reading and keep being creative.

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