Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Things to Come

This is the first image of 2014, my cat and a bit of rendering in Photoshop-I enjoyed the process of isolating what I liked about the cat and allowed the personality of the cat to come out. I am going to try to photograph every day-something and hopefully in 365 days I'll have lots of images to go through and maybe a few that are noteworthy. 

I am in the middle of a painting series and have just sketched out eleven new paintings. The view is of water and darkness in varying degrees mixed in with some Florida scenery from my recent trip to Cape San Blas and Mexico beach. I have also did an underpainting of a koi pond-there are rich colors of reds and yellows that blend into the dark water that goes back into a waterfall in the background. I am excited about the change of scope and multiple vantage points I am perfecting. I want the viewer to look down into the depths of water and be able to stare out into the distance as well so there are various vanishing points in the same scene and several different planes where the viewer can focus their attention.

Besides igniting the passion for photography I am also planning on continuing my multiple stories I have in the works. I also have several self-help books about finding happiness in ones' life. I am excited about possibilities for 2014 and hope we can have more contact and communication from readers. 

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