Thursday, April 17, 2014

All I can say is the intention has been there to write more on this blog but the soul has just been lacking as of late. I believe this series of paintings is a transitional series. I did my recent series and it was fast and furious and seemed to finish off the existing ideas that have been sitting around in states of incompleteness for many years. I was excited to start the next series and the momentum seemed to be continuing from previous and suddenly it happened-the dreaded block, not only the painting block but a recent writing block as well. The first painting, the balcony was from a restaurant in Cape San Blas Florida-it under painted very quickly and suddenly nothing-I feel like someone else started painting it and I'm just coming in after the fact afraid of ruining any progress the previous painter began.

During this series there has been what I would consider creative blindness, it is not being able to see what you are painting because you are too deep into the details, this allows for only short amounts of time to paint before you get too intense in the details and lose sight of the overall painting. I have had several afternoons struggling and I end up getting frustrated one moment only to have a breakthrough in the next sitting.

One exciting thing about this new series is that I'm not happy with just getting by with minimal details, I crave the accuracy and detail and at the same time allow the other less important elements to remain less detailed, I would call it a full circle between the lighter more relaxed progression of recent mixed with a more detailed and disciplined approach I think I have adapted from teaching a painting course.
This latest series is inspired by Florida, the next series quickly coming up afterwards will be night scenes, portraits and rich colors of spring. Here are the rest of the images that I am in the process of completing.

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