Sunday, January 4, 2015

Back to the Canvas

I went into the studio again today, first time in a long time. I have many paintings to do for commissions and many that have just got on the to-do list. I was excited and yet awkward the way I always seem to be when getting back to it.

Very exciting feeling when all of the paintings you pick up you actually have a  clearer vision than when you first started. Today I revamped an evening fountain painting and completely changed the whole color scheme. I changed up a cloud scene with blackbirds and blocked in the flock of birds on a wire.

Preliminary Pastel Sketch
Pastel Preliminary Sketch
It was a good day, very productive-under painted several paintings that were to be commissions that have lagged behind for far too long. I had that feeling that I knew where things were supposed to be but I also have a whole new perspective on the movement of paint, the way colors weave into the canvas and my perspective in general.

I almost feel like it was a practice run. Nothing amazing except the realization how much I've missed painting and how incredible it feels to be in the creative zone. I look forward to the next sitting.

I'm not sure what's coming up next but the brake from painting seems to have helped. I am excited for the creative inspiration      
                                                             to grow. I will keep you posted.

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