Sunday, May 31, 2015

What's been happening?

I have been very quiet lately-I have been working hard on the website content, learning more options and processes in Wordpress as well as learning more about the processes of flash and social media. A very busy time and an intense creative block as well.
Nasturtium plants

First off I have sold the intro picture on my website-"the shrike." I sold it to a close friend and am getting more exposure in the most unexpected avenues. Besides all of the creative avenues all directly related to nature I have another passion-nature itself. I have been perfecting a wildlife garden. I have bought several plants online and I am excited to say that wildlife is finding my garden.

The other day I went to North Haven Gardens. I was looking for Aristolochia plants-(Dutchman' Pipe) to feed the pipe vine swallowtails that were devouring the ones I have. I met with someone that talked with me about their plants and butterfly gardening and in passing I mentioned I am an artist and photographer. She asked me if I knew they had a gallery.

Dutchman's Pipe plants-last years batch, now devoured
Upon discovering their very large gallery I was very impressed with the atmosphere and its modern feel. I was invited to show my work. I want to announce that early in July I will have a showing with many other local artists, photographers and ceramic artisans. I am very excited to be able to also introduce specialty pots with flowers and birds.

Another exciting project I am working on is small canvases with birds and flowers that I plan on showing at the gallery. I am also in the process of my next series which is getting back to the more detailed simpler aspects of water and landscape painting. I will be photographing the garden and introducing new paintings in the near future so please stay tuned.

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