Sunday, July 26, 2015

Getting back to blogging

Excited about a pile of canvases that I’m planning on burning through in the next few months. I have just cleaned out my studio that turned into a catchall for my son’s fishing and fish tank stuff.

July 17th was the reception and start of my first large show that is still up until September at North Haven Gardens and now I am in the process of starting a new series of paintings from my Florida vacation. Expect lots of images of fishing, dark restaurant scenes with the relief of the ocean and the landscape in the background and closer studies of water.

I am planning trips, as many trips as I can in the upcoming year. I am planning on trips to California, Arizona and Colorado and plan on more daytrips to Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.  I look forward to write, photograph and paint each trip.

The vacation was a good break and a great refresh, clarity is something I’ve missed recently. The lack of writing and blogging hasn’t been by choice, it has been because I have been blocked.

I consider it a form of fermentation. First the ideas and images are recorded and they converge and rest, the only proof are minimal sketches and a note or two and after some time, a lot longer than I would prefer, the idea becomes a fully formed product.

I look forward to more blog posts in the upcoming days as the clarity lends itself to creativity. Look forward to your feedback and comments.

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