Sunday, October 25, 2015

Three Series Simultaneously

The Swells, Navarre Florida 2015- the swells were 4 and 5 foot tall and it felt a bit more like skiing than kayaking

This is a sneak peak at new paintings that are in the works. I am in the process of three simultaneous series and the ideas seem to be growing and expanding as quickly as I can write them down and sketch them out.

I am working on a kayak water series, I have several sketches and roughs and it seems my memory is serving me very well along with pictures and images for details. I am in awe of the power and majesty of water and these paintings need to capture that feeling of being out on the waves and on the crystal clear waters of Texoma and Lake Murray in Oklahoma.

The next series is the window series. This series, started out, stalled and seems to gathering more steam as I gather images to go by. I want to show the two very dimensions and allow the viewer to put themselves in a scene with perspective.

I am getting more interested in the shapes and how they affect depth and the viewers eye. I don't want anything in the painting that doesn't have an integral purpose for the viewer. Each tool adds to perspective and depth and allows the viewer to have more connection with each work.

The next series and it seems the most difficult is the new perspectives. The perspectives are a bit less easily described and there are fewer visual cues to capture the effects I am seeking. These paintings are from years of notes and some even go back thirty years or more. I am excited about introducing the series but it seems it is  a very slow go at the moment. Please stay tuned, would love the input.

Texoma kayaking-on a clear day you can see for miles

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