Monday, May 16, 2016

A slow and anxious series of work

It’s been a long difficult road, trying to connect inspiration with action. I’ve been in a holding pattern for too long with the latest series of  paintings.

It has always gone this way, the more developed the new approach to painting is, the longer the interim between series. This particular series has had many different styles and ideas, it’s complexity is also a probable stumbling block to actually starting and finishing recent paintings.

What seems to be the overall theme is night scenes, wildlife sketches and windows. I want to put the viewer in various positions looking through windows. Another aspect of the new works is strange perspectives-from beneath the ocean and from the eye of a 10 old child that just lost his dad.

My intent is a more personal approach with a  description for each painting. The new series will start replacing the old paintings on I am also in the process of photographing older paintings to be available on Fine Art America as large prints.

I hope to have more of a steady flow of paintings soon. Stay tuned.

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