Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Art of Isolation: Colors from Shadows

How to work when the light is flat, so flat it casts a gray across the whole landscape. Your intention of a sweeping landscape is put on hold. Now is usually the time to look for places to shoot when the angle of the sun will make the colors richer and paint objects with saturated light.

I've been collecting shapes and colors intentionally separating them from their landscape. I'm excited about the abstractions that jump out of nature if you are careful enough to notice them.

Even at the end of the autumn peak there are still beautiful shapes and colors, embers of the season but they are much more quiet than the whole landscape. It is listening to the peripheral voices in the woods that often whisper despite the current lighting conditions.

I also like the colors that jump out of a blurred background turning the mundane into the extraordinary. In seeing these images I have had to stop and listen, take in the insignificant parts of the whole and this is a series of images I've found.

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