Sunday, April 12, 2015

What’s great about not so great photography

I was at Lake Texoma yesterday and I captured the standard Texas image I guess, the states’ harbinger of spring; the blue bonnet. I used the only photographic device I had, my phone, my ancient dinosaur phone. The answer to the question of what's so great about not so great photography, perhaps the freedom from expectation and the enjoyment of playing with an image.

While my son and my family all have Iphones, I have an ancient phone which once it becomes retro, a word I’ve learned recently that no one uses, I will be the talk of the town.

The bad news is, don’t expect anything wonderful, as far as photography, from a device with all the greatest expectation may be able to deliver a decent snapshot.

With the use of computer manipulation the snapshot becomes a piece of art. I guess art is limited only by its expectations. There is something enjoyable to enjoy the act of photography without any fear or expectation and than to play with the image to create something that captures not only the moment but even perhaps shows something cliché in a new perspective. I will let the viewer be the judge.

The softness of the image gives a bit of a dream effect.