Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lots of things happening

I have been working on getting back to painting and in the meantime have used my creativity and several different avenues. I've got several cartoons I have in different stages of completion.

I am also working on more acrylics-a list of bird species that have been in my wildlife garden-the total is almost sixty. I am doing detailed sketches of birds with colors in acrylic.

The window scenes are still on the list of paintings to complete. I have a calvary painting I'm in the process as well as the third in the series of swallow paintings-the last one is the Rowlett bridge at the end of a long drought. It is called the celebration.

I have the feeling the painting will come back fast and furious as it usually does. I feel guilty when I don't get enough work done but I believe these things take time and I have been in the midst of fermentation of multiple ideas and styles.

I think that when I am in a growing stage of painting, it seems that suddenly there is a great pause and than I can't stop. So stay tuned for lots of painting in the months to come.