Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The illusive inspiration

We are offered only glimpses,
deconstructed pieces of thought,
tangents of vague images.
They dangle just beyond our grasp
The creative must be patient,
Disciplined enough to wait
For clarity
Trusting enough to know
it’s only a matter of time
we follow the subconscious into the shadow
Out of our safe space
Into unknown places where ideas have many different facets
Like diamonds they wait
Beneath stone
they are barely discernable until they fully form
and once we see just a glimpse of what we seek
all we desire is more’
more facets of the unseen form
more hiding places for the idea
for lessons in the shadows
wisdoms in the dark
and after each valley, we wait
for that voice to clearly speak again
it has no color, no form nor name
all we know after each plateau

we’re never again the same…

I keep going in the studio, looking for that feeling and for some reason I just can't paint in oils, it's too committed and I feel anxious, unable to settle in. I've been using pastels, they are quick and easier to pick up and put down.

I know when the feeling intensifies, there will be no stopping nor delaying painting but for now, I'm just on the edge of inspiration. I am starting to get images, clear images that have seemed illusive until now.

I am painting the third in the series of large oils, the swallows, although this one is the smallest one and the most atmospheric and detailed of the three. It is called the celebration and it's a swarm of swallows mingling with dark clouds in the distance.

Another painting is Calvary, it was an immediate inspiration and just stalled terribly. There are rich colors of stained glass and strange skies that are a bit out of my normal palette of colors.

I'm also painting a scene from under water from literally thirty or more years ago when I was scuba diving off the coast of New Jersey. The problem is capturing under water from memory but also the deep richness of intense ultramarine blue. You can see why I have stalled, it's either there or it's not, there is no faking it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A slow and anxious series of work

It’s been a long difficult road, trying to connect inspiration with action. I’ve been in a holding pattern for too long with the latest series of  paintings.

It has always gone this way, the more developed the new approach to painting is, the longer the interim between series. This particular series has had many different styles and ideas, it’s complexity is also a probable stumbling block to actually starting and finishing recent paintings.

What seems to be the overall theme is night scenes, wildlife sketches and windows. I want to put the viewer in various positions looking through windows. Another aspect of the new works is strange perspectives-from beneath the ocean and from the eye of a 10 old child that just lost his dad.

My intent is a more personal approach with a  description for each painting. The new series will start replacing the old paintings on www.artbygordon.com. I am also in the process of photographing older paintings to be available on Fine Art America as large prints.

I hope to have more of a steady flow of paintings soon. Stay tuned.