Sunday, March 31, 2013

This is probably the strangest painting I have done, let's call it a momentary departure. This is the first of a series of dreams, I had this dream when I was like seven or eight and the willow tree that was in the back yard in my childhood house in New Jersey was struck by lightning in a storm. I ran to the tree to see that my Grandfather was freed as the tree shattered, i remember the powder of the pulp streaming all around and my grandfathers' face was unmoved. It is amazing the dreams we remember so vividly.

This is my first attempt to actually capture the image after so many years in my subconscious, I'm not sure what the dream meant but the tree did get struck by lightning in the years to come and this tree was struck and my grandfather-no that's just the beginning of a great tale, but the tree did really get struck by lightning.

The blackbirds were kind of an afterthought but they are symbolic of the not so comfortable aspects or atmosphere of some of my paintings. I write about them as well and they represent the impending doom or feeling comfortable with the presence of darker scarier things. I hope this painting brings about images or ideas from the viewer, maybe the viewer could create a story in their mind or perhaps inspire the idea of writing or paintings. So my challenge would be to write a short poem, essay, what ever you would enjoy adding to the picture and included it in the blog or on words and pix. What I would love to see from this post are others with dreams, their oldest or most vivid dream, include a picture on words and pix or writing or even Google plus or even simply comment-what is your most vivid dream you can remember and how long back did it occur?
Thanks for taking the time to read.


  1. Oh yes,I remember my dreams most of the time and usually draw or write about them..mostly I get a lot of scary ones.
    But I guess the dream I remember the most was this one

    Only because I actually woke up and realized I learnt a valuable lesson from it. :)
    This site is very interesting-

  2. Amazing painting! Very chilling! Gave me cold shivers! Have never been able to sketch my bad dreams because they are always situations ... Things happening and not visions.,Came to your site from LinkedIn .

    1. Hi Saffron,

      Thanks for your comments and complements. This dream happened when I was very young and I just recently had the idea of actually capturing it, so there is always hope that vision will make itself known. If I were going to capture a situational dream I would probably use symbols as opposed to actual vision-these symbols would be intertwined to create the idea or feeling, what do you think? It's a really interesting topic, dreams and all-they are so common through all of us and we all react to them so strongly. If you ever sketch out a dream, feel free to post on words and pix-thanks again for your comment and thanks for visiting my blog.