Friday, March 29, 2013

This post will end with a challenge, a challenge to capture something you see merit in and share it as one artist to another. Here is the idea-finding interest in the normal everyday things we see. Another aspect of this post is opinion-some of you may see nothing in this image, others will see the idea of something either haunting or of whatever interest or memory it sparks. The reason I photographed and retouched a bit-I will admit as not to mislead, I liked the texture and I liked the fact that you were looking outside into the country, it is an inspiration for a new series that is on my list-beautiful windows, this series will include a self portrait, an image of views through windows into ourselves, our families and life in general, not to be too artsy but the idea is a continuation of another new series I am finishing which is new perspectives capturing different vantage points in nature for the viewer to explore. For the first time in the last forty six years I am certain of what I need to paint and the information I need to decipher and share with the viewer. 

This image was a revolt against logic, I saw it in a hotel room on a recent trip and usually I would just look at it and think it was interesting but not take the time to photograph or sketch it. I have explained that in the past I photographed things for the sake of interest and the minute I started thinking about why I photograph or paint or how would it sell or be received, my vision and uniqueness of seeing dissolved. This is a point and shoot photograph but I loved the texture of the sheets, it reminds me of the late evening on waves at the ocean. The curtains seemed haunting and the view outside was rough and rugged-I found interest in the light and texture and instead of letting it pass I captured it for the viewer to maybe stop and see something they see everyday and perhaps see something different.

At the end I have included images that were unretouched just to show the basic inspiration.
So here is the challenge-share your images on this blog or at
it is a facebook fan page-introduce yourself and show a picture or painting or really anything creative and explain why you captured it-the idea of this is the celebration or beauty of the mundane. I would love to see what others can find from the most simple everyday objects or places-so there's your challenge, lets the words and pix begin.

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