Friday, February 2, 2018

Fruits of Labor: Often an Inspiration Takes Time to Appear

Sometimes it just happens, I've set up this still life for the last week or so and nothing has jumped out. Often, much like a painting that sits on the easel with nothing to add, an image needs to become what it needs to. Sometime it's the simplest bit of light that paints an object that turns the mundane into something special.

I have stood in front of sunsets that seemed for all purpose amazing and yet the eye seems not to notice the intricacies. It is the most subtle light and the illusive hue that makes a simple subject more profound. These images capture a feeling of an afternoon, the sun descending somewhere outside and a memory of a rainy afternoon or an early spring day.

What struck me most about these still life objects is the background, a subtle orange or yellow hue that makes the whole atmosphere seem anything but ordinary. I want the viewer to taste the sweetness of the blood orange or the bitter yellow in the lemon. These colors paint the scene in an intangible presence and I believe that is when the mundane and simple becomes extraordinary. This is my quest as an artist to find the intricacies in light and a moment of the ordinary and make it say something to the viewer.

I would appreciate any opinion on these images as they are adding to the prints being sold on Fineartamerica and I want to know what would constitute art for my viewer. Take  a moment to share your opinion, thanks as always for your time and interest.

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